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The lost past of the future

chidrens are the future of the whole world. But they have been pushed forcely to their parents dreams, for their parents their son or daughter must get large sum as salary. These people think that huge earning is a statutorial … Continue reading

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The hard hearted theory

Some people who looks like hard hearted there should be some untold pain within them. In the film harry potter severus snape is my favourite character the first four parts he seem to be not good in the fifth part … Continue reading

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Philpsophy of love

to love is easy, to be loved is hard. the heart is a unique pump which is directly connected to the brain. It will caliberates its speed according to the need of oxygen. It will try to survive at any … Continue reading

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a bore sunday

today i didn’t took my breakfast and lunch, i just washed my clothes and slept for the rest of the time. In a bachelor life washing clothes is a very big problem to be faced, if the machine in our … Continue reading

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