The lost past of the future

chidrens are the future of the whole world. But they have been pushed forcely to their parents dreams, for their parents their son or daughter must get large sum as salary. These people think that huge earning is a statutorial acknowldgement in the society. Many killed their originality and lived for money. But a very little lived their life for themselves. In my childhood when we got exam holidays we will be in our grandparents home, there we will play all day long listen to the stories and old happenings of my grandparents. Thats why i joined the nickname mukilarasan of my grandfather to my name. He taught me a lot of things. He is my hero. Nowadays children dont get time to play just as they feel. If a child is willing to play then the parent will join him in a sport coaching center and trains him. Actually to play is far different from sporting. In playing there is no rules just relaxing mentally by making yourself tired physically. But these people misunderstood it. They will buy their kids ps2 or video games and get their kids addicted to it for that they will say “i dont want him to be hurt while playing”. Nowadays see howmany times a kid went to hospital coz of illness, it is raising exponentially. Our kids are thinking fastly, not ethically, not generously, coz we train them like that only, both parents will go to work, the chid is forced to do things, he will get mental disturbance, became arrogant, mean and selfish. We should be an example for them. If your child says that “i want to be like my father or mother”. Then you are a good parent. There is a lot other than money…..
All you need is love.

God bless India


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i am a research geek
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