The Indian milk tea

Stomach upset? Feeling like to catch cold or fever? Sleepy? Want to get warm in a cold day? Or Just want to try Indian tea? Then this is for you….


Fresh Ginger 1 cubic centimeter crushed (don’t cut) per person

Cardamom 3 -4 pods (crushed) or 2 – 4 pinch (if it’s powder)

Cloves 2 -5 (is an accessory to add for stomach issues)

Full cream Milk as needed

Sugar as needed.

Water – 1/4 of milk

Tea bags – 1 light, 2 medium, 3 strong /person


Boil water, add the crushed ginger, crushed cardamom, crushed cloves and let it cook for a minute. Add tea bags and let it boil. Once you see the essences came out of the tea bag, add milk. Boil it till it rises. Once rises, remove the tea, filter everything out from tea. Add sugar and enjoy.


Ginger : warms you up, cleans your stomach, soothes sore throat, helps preventing cold or fever.

Cardamom: helps to clear bad breath, good for teeth, helps digestion, gives good mood, gives good flavor to the tea.

Cloves: helps digestion, gastric issues, clears stomach upset, cleans stomach, will make you use the toilet after sometime.

Milk: change the taste of everything, even if you don’t like ginger milk will change the flavor and make it good.

Spice names in other languages: ( using Google translate)


finnish- kardemumma

turkish- Kakule

German – Kardamom

French – cardamome

Russian – кардамон

Spanish – cardamomo

Portuguese – cardamomo

Chinese – 豆蔻果实

Japanese – カルダモン

Japanese – ショウガ

Chinese – 生姜

Portuguese – Gengibre

Spanish – jengibre

Russian – имбирь

French – gingembre

German – Ingwer

Turkish – zencefil

Finnish – inkivääri

Finnish – mausteneilikka

Turkish – karanfiller

German – Gewürznelken

French – clous de girofle

Russian – Гвозди́чное де́рево

Spanish – clavos de olor

Portuguese – Cravo-da-índia

Chinese – 丁香

Japanese – クローブ


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